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Permission levels

Groups have a leader [L], moderators [M], and normal members [G]. The leader has access to all group related commands. Moderators have access to claim related commands, inviting and kicking members. Normal members have access to the rest.

Land and Members

The max amount of claims always start as 5 for new groups. Every week starting on this creation date, the max claims will go up by 1 as long as the group is still active. A group is active as long as there is at least one member still in the group. Members are auto-kicked if they don't log in for 21 days.


Although chests and other containers will not be accessible to non-group players, you may still want to control access to specific members within your group. You can do this with locks.

You can lock a chest by looking at it and typing /g lock as long as it is not already locked. You will now own this lock and be the only one with access to it. Giving access to another group member is as simple as typing /g lock add <player name> while looking at the chest.


Here are the available commands ([L] symbolizes commands only available to leaders, [L, M] for leaders and moderators):