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This is an official petition to have server remove an oak tree on the border of claimed land and neutral area.
Here are some reasons why this tree should be removed:

1.) There are many other trees, so taking out just one would not effect the overall climate of the environment or the natural habitat for wildlife

2.) It's so ugly….yeah I don't think I need to explain that one

3.) Tree removal will take literally 3 seconds at most, and has only positive effects

I hope everyone will consider this tree removal process and I would appreciate it greatly if you would sign this petition with a reply or comment if you also agree that this tree should be yeeted off the face of the planet.


This is the tree btw


Petition to remove mine as well


Since it was pretty unclear which tree you meant, I made this to clear things up a bit


Since it was pretty unclear which tree you meant, I made this to clear things up a bit

why thank you sir


If this actually becomes a thing, I want to have a tree removed aswell, covering the whole pvp arena


And my base as well


Just retract the logs into the claim using a sticky piston, or does that no longer work?


He removed a tree for me in SSIV. But he was less busy then so GL.


Maybe we should just get a better spawn


on VS I was able to remove lots of trees in neutral with fire spread


I support your petition.

And I also have a nice lil spawn build that has trees jammed right against it which I would love to see removed. It's pretty annoying honestly especially given - as Chakra alluded to - the mechanism for removing the blocks with pistons no longer works.

Perhaps this should just be a standard consideration going forward? Server just removes trees which are either directly against, or within 1-2 blocks of the edge of spawn. That would make everyone's builds look better I'd imagine, and what would be the harm? The logs will be chopped down all around spawn anyway, I don't imagine there'd be much difference removing the ones a few blocks back in neutral.

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