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Yo fellas. Thought I'd give you guys an idea of what my group Dreamville has been doing this season. So the season started and I immediately teamed up with Lemon and Tim, shoutout to them for making my time on SS amazing. We had a strong start together and won the race to get the first enderdragon, after that we moved further out, we started building bases while our group kept getting bigger. Just to clarify, we had like a community where everyone had their own groups, and I call that community "our group". So we started making bases, Tim and Lemon made some epic farms, and they are crazy (you'll see when they make their own forum post) Meanwhile J_Coal and I, the original Dreamville members, moved to a mesa adjacent to the mushroom island Lemon and Tim settled on and started making our base there. It kept getting bigger and bigger, until the point where we had to move away cause our bases got found. We moved about 200k blocks out and built new bases there, BUT!!!! the world border got rid of those bases too, leading to us moving back to our old base. We lived there without anyone knowing for the rest of the season, considering most raiders already had co-ordinates to this. So yeah, I'll add some screenshots of our bases, and I wanna give a thank you to Tim and Lemon and all our other groupmates for making this a great season, even the players who left us at some point in the season, cause we had great times when we were still allies. But hey! Can't wait for SS8, will be fun fellas. You'll def hear more from Dreamville (if Coal decides to be active again lol)


There we go, that's the base we spent most of our time at.


This is the guardian farm I made a few months ago, with help from Tim and Coal. Never got around to fully make the place look pretty so here we have it. My work in progress Guardian farm that will never be fully finished.


Here we have the chestroom I've built with J_Coal. It's like a chestroom I share with all my other teammates, such as Lemon and Tim.


This is a work in progress of our base outside of the world border. Never really became more than a huge hole in the ground.


There it is once it was finished.


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Only have an E cigarette bruv

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