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So this is my final goodbye (and most serious one yet) post. I have made about 3 of these, but I always left them open ended, so that there was a chance I could come back. There's always been some sort of reason for me to return to SS, but now there isn't.

The thing that I always liked most about SS was the uniqueness of the server. There was nowhere else that was right in the sweet spot, where your stuff was protected, and there still was a chance that it could've been blown to bits. A place where you were always kept on your toes. a place that you could truly have fun without any mods or major plugins that changed the game.

I first played minecraft in March 2014. I had always tried to stay away from it because "that's what the nerds play" One of my friends handed me their phone, and I built a house out of oak and birch logs on creative. Then I took TNT and redstone, and blew it up. It was so much fun and I really wanted to play the game for real. So I decided I would.

I found a server that was about to reset, and It seemed as though there was a medium sized community that wouldn't overwhelm me too much, and I figured I would try it. No wikis, no guides, I would just hop on and figure out how to master this game.

My Mom let me use her computer, and she bought me the game for my birthday. I never went onto a survival world or anything, all I did was go to Multiplayer, and put "" into direct connect. May 14th, 2014. That was my first day on Standard, and my first true day on minecraft. I got into the server, and went through the controls to find out how to talk. I remember asking people how to play, and how to do certain things. About 15 minutes in I had figured out the spawn plates, and decided to live in this jungle biome.(Wild 4) I made a cute little tree house and planted wheat seeds without water.

The next few weeks, I pieced together what the goal was of minecraft. I don't think I had even figured out how to get iron until I joined a nooby group and they showed me around.

About a month after my nooby group disbanded and I was left wandering around, a guy by the name of Jellewie let me use some claims right behind his huge shop. There was someone living next to me, and I never talked to them. About 3 or 4 days I spent building a teeny little castle. Once I think I saw placidarchitect but I never talked to him.

I applied online and joined the architects. (Who were coincidentally the people I lived next to) This was the place I truly learned the bigger parts of minecraft, and how it worked. I figured out how diamond tools work, and enchantments, and big animal farms. Where I learned to breed horses with golden food, and how to get to the end. Where I learned about potion brewing and iron farms. Though it was only 2 months, it was great. I think i got kicked out because I was made mod, then accidentally gave a claim to a rando.

I made my own place and after about a week I joined a guy named Crafter. He was a lot nicer than Sacred and at the time, was a lot smarter. He had a nice house and lived at around 5000, -5000. He had a castle and a skeleton farm, and I think I went to an end reset with him. Here, I learned how to be creative. I threw a halloween party and had games, and started on a shop (after countless redstone videos). Later, I decided to leave and make my own group.

Once the SS3 1.8 spawn was made, I was alone for the longest time. I had little groups that I would make, but it never lasted. I was actually nomadic. I was a part of the architects for a bit, and had my own spawn claim I would work in, but nothing was permanent, or long lasting. I think sacred followed me to 4 different bases where I was blown to bits, from a village where I tried to make an iron farm, to my first base with my family, where we had a treehouse, to behind TA in 1.7 spawn.

SS4 was basically the same thing. I attempted a few shops, but I was only active for a couple months at a time. One time, when I was inactive from february to april, ATA was made and banned. I made a far away base with a group of noobs that turned out beautifully. I built things with my family here and there, and it was another year that I really really enjoyed.

Once SS5 hit, I considered myself in the top-tier of players. I had a nice mesa biome base, and I was raided a couple times, but it never was a good place for me. SS6.1 was when I made myself a rainbow base and had cute things here and there, and that was the first year that I was out.

Now, SS6v2 I stepped away from fairly quickly. I had become a huge part of my theatre department at school, and I needed to focus on my life, so I stopped playing after about 4 months. I had taken Mittens group from him, and joined TR and had a lot of fun.

I came back into the community about 4 or 5 months ago. I stole a couple of little bases, and kind of raided a couple of people. I rejoined because I was waiting for the reset, which still hasn't come. There's a giant mound of cobblestone covering up spawn right now. I fought against homophobia, but got myself banned. I thought I would be appealing to my ban now, but I guess I won't.

I've learned some amazing things about minecraft and the real world from the players here.
Lexi_love4000 taught me how to survive
Sacred taught me how to be strong and intimidating
Crafter taught me to be creative
Psyren_Drifter taught me about friendship
Neil and Naomi helped me learn about fun
Creepypandas showed me how to improvise
James (TR) taught me about automatic farms and efficiency
Feben taught me seriousness
King_Kat showed me loyalty

These all were things that I had to learn as I went along. Everyone I've been with has had a vastly different playstyle. Psyren has hopped around from base to base. Crafter went far away and focused on making things cool. TR made insane redstone things and automated everything they could. Sacred got a lot of his stuff from raiding other players. Teamawesome used teamwork to gather everything they needed. Lexi was a relaxed player who just wanted to have fun with others

Standard has been a huge part of growing up for me. It's been an escape for me when I am struggling through things. The community and unique mechanics of SS has kept me going. It's all I've ever known for minecraft. I know that the game shouldn't have affected me this much, but it has. This has been my foundation, the one thing that stays the same, and is always there when I need it.

But now, SS has changed, and it won't be there when I need a break. It's only a matter of time before the server ip is removed, and the forums drown in the sea of the internet. It's over, and I'm glad I get to be here for the end.

Everyone has jumped server, and I plan on playing on there, but it will be different. It won't be as unique as this place is. At least the community can live on there.

I guess the moral of my story is: Remember that there's an actual person playing. Not some sort of computer generated thing. It's all been fun; Sharing my builds and attempted shops, running away from sacred as the thing i've built is demolished, blowing a hole in the side of a base and looting it, forming a group and making something spectacular, arguing with Mittens, or nop, finding hagar mid-raid, getting killed while i'm unaware, claiming my territory and building crap bases, running thousands of blocks away so I won't get blown up, joining an amazing group, or a not so amazing group. It's been a hell of a ride.

I saved just about every screenshot I ever took, and I never deleted my logs. I'll gather up all the files and pictures and post them eventually. I'll leave my original account link and links to the people I've mentioned. I'll also link some of my older posts, so you can see the changes I've made

Old account
Younger sister
Younger brother
Older Brother (is now my old account)
Oldest brother
Lexi (my first friend and groupmate)

Posts: Random stuff i've posted over the years.

Hopefully there'll be a new generation of SS. Players who actually speak out. Moderators who are super duper active and dedicated. I hope if there is, they see my story on here. They see what I've done with my time on Standard. I promise I won't be back after a couple of months. I promise I won't turn back.
Don't forget about what you've made, Sergei. Don't forget about the people you've left hanging. Know that this affects people way more than you realize. Get help running the server. Update it, do something. Don't let my legacy die in vain. You've all been wonderful.



should have mentioned me you noob


should have mentioned me you noob

Read it through. I thought I did at least once or twice


You were never a top tier player.
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