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Hello! We are currently looking for members.If you are interested in joining, please fill out the application below.

1.  why you would like to join
2. Buildings you have done in the past
3. What are your best skills? (Ex. redstone, building, pvp, mining, ect.)
4. What are your worst skills
5. Do you like to do large builds?
6. How many accounts do you have?
7. How often do you play everyday?


I don’t wanna join, but that’s a cool build!


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whats it look like inside? is it a lot of empty space? i dig the build, very nice.


Holy, thats actually really sick, is that on the ss server? Gj on building that thing lol


thats it?


1. I really love your kind of buildings and I really really need a group.
2. ………………………………………..
3. Building, Mining, Kinda good at redstone, bow
4. Swordfighting
5. Yeah man!
6. 1
7. Hour a day or longer (Not when i'm busy with school)
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