Standard Survival Forums


would like some active, independent players who have time on standard survival and know server mechanics. screen shots of past builds would be great. having discord is huge. we are a building/raiding group. having your own group is a plus. pm me for more info.

*disclaimer: The base is far away from spawn. i can supply gear for the journey there. best way to the base is flying in the nether so elytra experience will help greatly getting you to the base.


old pic, big base. lots of room for additions, there are a few projects being done now. thanks and happy crafting


Yo should we reunite the old squad?

P.S: /g invite Beastliest


invite alt


isn't inviting random people to your unclaimed base a LITTLE risky?


the key is discretion soo. ss without risk is like sex with a condom, its just not as good
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