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In my opinion, we should remove the power system and replace it with DTR (Deaths Till Raidable). The current system is incomplete and was left in a buggy alpha stage when the creator left.

You say this from the perspective of someone who rarely dies, especially to PVP, and loves to raid. Obviously that lends more than a hefty amount of bias to your suggestion. Unless DTR didn't include suicides, and PVE deaths, then it's a horrible idea in my opinion. I'd rather not have my potential play-style reduced to 2 options - being pro as fuck or playing like a scared little bitch. I really enjoy the luxury of being able to die as many times as I like without having to worry about my spawn chests becoming raidable. I can jump in lava 50 times without having to worry, it's fantastic.

sorry pooch but i have to agree with chakra @cookie i hate explaining our power system to new players it makes us look uneducated. so many things need fixing.


Eh, agree things need fixing regarding claims/use on others claims.
As a bad pvp player (me=angry builder), i'm happy with the power system.

The Webpage could use a huge overhaul.. most information is outdated/incomplete. Also stand to have a couple quick tutorials on power/raid/commands. All that material is available since several of us record our game play. I really think this would help.

Re noobs and power-

Good with new click rate, you a buff match to enemy?… set your power low to raid -knocks your enemy's power down faster (at the same expense or worse to yours if you loose)

Can't win?, keep your power set high, watching your power if death from attack. Close to a negative power? Just log off for a few hours or a day (unfriend any groups before logging off).

Most people will not TNT cannon your entire base… only a few go to such extremes, and that is more determined by your chat communication.

I can see why PVPrs/Raiders are frustrated at the current power setup.. it is slanted heavily to preservation. If you build correctly you can survive. I've sat too long waiting for a raid to pass. So long, i eventually quit for 2 months since my choice to sit it out was game-play breaking.

Sounds crappy, but the loss is the build, which you should never be emotionally attached to since we reset this server every 12 months. Thx to skulkers/enderchest, returning setup was a snap (no excuse to loose items if you take a long break).


i always forget how to do this and have to search it.
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