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Im Canadian_Ham and basically I want to help build a giant civilization after the next reset. This wouldn't be an army despite us having one for defence, instead it will be like a Village. The plan is once we reach 10 members there will be an election to determine who the three council-people will be (they determine the fate of the community after that.) If I lose I would hand over power to the winners. Currenlty my priorities for the Community would involve;

(Not in order)

- Building a safe, gated community with state of the art defence systems
- Have a currency or trading system put in place, ideally the main ores would represent our currency.
- Set up a reliable food source (which idealy would be free)
- Assign players of interest to jobs such as Chemist, Security/Military Personal and Maintenance these jobs will ideally be paid in ores however individual contracts may be worked out with the Council once elected.

Other players are welcome and encouraged to create their own business in the community as this is based on a free market, best part is if you don't like something run for office and change it. The point of having three council-people is so they can discuss issues and vote on them if need be to come to a majority vote for the community.

To get involved directly message me or reply with your answers to the following questions;

1) Why do you wish to join Harp?

2) How often would you say you play a week?

3) What are you best at in Minecraft?

(Must be mature, if you have a bad rating you must provide atleast two solid references)
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Sounds lovely, hope it works out for you guys.


Sounds lovely, hope it works out for you guys.


I'd be happy to join this community, sounds great. If you need me to fill anything out, just ask .


Please refer to the updated post
I'd be happy to join this community, sounds great. If you need me to fill anything out, just ask .

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Note: We have updated to the post to include further instructions.


Not many people responded to this thread so I'd like to say something. An idea for this would to be to make your group noob-friendly. A lot of noobs come on the server and have no idea what to do or where to go. Maybe you guys could take them under your wing. You need a lot of people anyways. Just a thought. Cheers!


Not sure I would want to join


Really kinda messy Ham. You really need to clean up… He! He!


He! He!
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