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If you have been muted or banned for any reason and wish to appeal such a ban, post here.

Some stuff to know:

1. If you have been banned by a mod or server, only that mod or server can unban you. For example, if a mod bans you for… spawn killing, I cannot override their decision, so your appeal would be to them or server, as he is over all of us.

2. Mutes can be appealed by any mod that is willing to hear out the appeal. Whatever the mod says will go unless server intervenes. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL! If we tell you to wait, you will wait. If you make a big deal out of it, the sentence may be extended, potentially into a temp ban or a permanent one if it gets serious enough.

3. Server automatically overrules anything myself and any other mod set in place. If I decide to lift a ban I placed on someone, and server says no and rebans you, there's nothing I can do about it. He is my boss, and I will not go against him.

4. This is not a thread to argue a point! This is for appeals only! All other posts will be deleted. If there are any players that reply to appeals with their opinions repeatedly will be deleted, potentially suffering in game consequences themselves. After resolution, all appeals will be deleted.

5. Anyone banned prior to this going up is excluded from these appeals, and cannot appeal except to server directly through other means.

As far as the appeal format, you will need to explain the following:

1. What happened?
2. What will you do to keep this from happening again?
3. Have you learned anything from this experience? And what?
4. What are your intentions if you are unmuted/unbanned?

And I mean a good explanation, no one word responses or half assed good looking words. You do this and end up muted/banned again, no more appeals. One shot is all you get. Don't screw it up.

Also, after roughly 2 weeks, to keep this topic relevant to more recent events, I will delete anything that has been resolved, declined, or given up on. Anything that hasn't been issued a response at this point will be looked into and I'll issue a verdict at that point.

If you are not the player who is appealing or if you're appealing for someone only because they themselves cannot appeal. DO NOT POST on this topic. It is not a place for outside discussion flames, or rallies.


I want to remind everyone that this thread is for appeals ONLY. Don’t post commentary about other people’s appeals unless it has direct relevance to their case. This isn’t an opinion thread.

Silo, please elaborate on point 1. What method was used to enter the base, and how was this mistaken for the other method?


This page is for appeals and other information revolving around bans/appeals. Please hold off on adding things to posts that do not matter to a topic.
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Domaje unbanned. And QUIT posting in this thread unless you are posting an appeal. We don’t need unnecessary commentary or people making demands on others’ behalf. You aren’t helping them.


Friendly reminder to keep unnecessary commentary out of this channel, this is solely for appeals.


Ban Appeal (Combined)

1. Used hacks for advantages, evaded bans, and harassed players.
2. With discipline, restrain myself from such actions and use experience to avoid personal shortcomings.
3. Acting against this server and its community will result in equivalent fallout against one’s self.
4. To gain redemption and be able to participate with the community in an honest manor.

This appeal also stands for my alt accounts: HardCopper & MrRodge.
To be clear, I do not request or expect an appeal to be given back at this time. This stands only as a statement to make transparent what I had done. I do not feel at this time that I am able to participate with the community legitimately. I will return when I am personally ready.


The fact that you ban evaded one day after I denied your appeal says enough. I told you ‘Try again at a later point in time, but my decision for now is final.’. But you were impatient and had to start playing the day after. I appreciate your honesty, but you have ruined it for yourself. You’re not getting unbanned.



Should be unbanned

ip banned


Friendly reminder to keep unnecessary commentary out of this channel, this is solely for appeals.


So, i was autobanned because apparently our auto ban system is broken. either i said "Serg" or i typed too fast. regardless it needs fixed.


I agree


yeah don't mention He Who Shall Not Be Named


thats kinda dumb that i got autobanned for that if its the reason.


So, i was autobanned because apparently our auto ban system is broken. either i said "Serg" or i typed too fast. regardless it needs fixed.

bumping post
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