Standard Survival Guide

Welcome to Standard Survival! This is a server that tries to be as close to the vanilla experience as possible, within reason. Know that all players will always be equal and that fairness is a key value of the server; there is no way for players to have special privileges over other players. This has been true since the server was founded on May 10, 2012.

Getting started

In Minecraft multiplayer, enter the following address to connect to the server:

After joining, you will appear at the main spawn. You can immediately start travelling in any direction to begin surviving. You can also use one of four wilderness portals around the spawn to travel to a distant alternate starting area.

Gameplay and Rules

The server is focused on a pure survival experience. There are absolutely NO teleportation commands (/tp, /tpa, /back, /spawn). As in single player, you must know your bearings at all times. Sleeping in a bed will set your spawn to that location, in case you are far away from spawn.

There are no rules against griefing/raiding. You can simply play the survival game mode as you want on the server. Explore, build, craft, mine, kill, and do anything else. However, the following will not be tolerated:

Players breaking the above will be subject to removal, either by being kicked, banned temporarily or banned permanently, depending on the severity of the offense.

The server is administered by a select few individuals. No applications are being accepted for any special positions.


The server has a custom plugin called "Groups" for land protection. It is similar to "Factions" for those familiar with it, but contains some unique differences which will be outlined later.

The starting zones are contained in a "safe area", which is a fairly wide 5 chunk radius area. You will not be able to hurt other players or be hurt in this area. The area around the safe area is going to most likely be claimed by other players. Continue walking further out and you will see less and less claimed land. Here are some commands to help you get started with groups:

Creating a group

Simply type /g create <name> to create a new group.

Invite a friend

Type /g invite <player name> to invite someone.

Claim some land

Type /g claim to claim the 16x16 block chunk you are standing on.

Show info

Type /g info to show your group's info. Type /g info <other group> to see info about another group.

Claiming land is a good way to protect your builds. Only group members will be able to place and break blocks in a group's claimed land. You start with 10 possible claims, and your max amount of claims grows by 2 every week as long as your group is active.

Click here for more detailed info about groups, claims and locks.


If you need help or have a question not answered in this guide, create a topic on the forums or send an email to .

Good luck on your Standard Survival journey and hope you enjoy the experience!

- Sergei