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Tl/dr: LB is a small bot which lives in Webchat under my username. With LB, you can look up how long players are still muted / banned for, and you can put clickable links into chat without taking the long way over the website.
Moderators can look up when a nick was last changed and when and why people got muted / banned in the past.
I'm ready to implement other features. Suggestions more than welcome! It does not have to be of the serious nature described above. If it's either useful, convenient, or fun, and it is doable, I'll try to do it.


Most recent update: 2016-01-10
a0.9.2: Added the small utility command "->lb c".
a0.9: Added "LB-AntiSpam" which will ask everyone to use "/ignore" on spammers as they do their thing. It will also try to bump the moderators on webchat.
a0.8.3: 1g (frequency limited).
a0.8: Added "LB-Auto" which will automatically answer stereotypical questions with stereotypical answers. (Can you tp?)
a0.7.2: Removed the "trusted" user group. Everyone can use the non-moderator commands now.
a0.7: Added the moderator command "->lb p <> h" (will send you an entire user history in a forum PM).
a0.6: Added the moderator feature of annotations.


First off, this is an experimental feature and may be discontinued at any time if it doesn't catch on, but I think it brings with it advantages for everyone.

LB is a program I coded which connects to Webchat under my username and listens to chat. It will react to commands written there, which start with
->lb. Its main usage will be tracking the actions of moderators, which could potentially help us a great deal (e.g.: "When did this user change their nickname last?", "What was this player banned for a few months ago?", "Has this player been muted before at all?" ). As you can see, it probably also is interesting to non-moderators.

I'm also ready to implement a few unrelated utilities that everyone can use, maybe something one could also have fun with; hell yeah, I'd do that if I had ideas. For instance, something that already is up and running is making links clickable, see below for details. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message me, I need them!

Another thing that I want to say as soon as possible: I know that there are some people on here who would love to spam LB. Let me advise you: Please don't try. There are mechanisms in place that will automatically block you, and if it is serious enough, I will interpret it as an attempted DoS attack on my computer and ban you from the server. Also, circumventing a block is hereby made a punishable offense by a similar interpretation.


How it works:

->lb into chat, followed by your command. (Serge, you can use "say ->lb".) LB will react to that using Webchat on my forum account, its messages starting with [LB]. Out of security reasons, LB will not accept commands issued from Webchat, you need to be logged in.

Of course, it also requires the program to run. I won't have my PC turned on 24/7, but it should work at peak times. If I am not in webchat, there is no chance LB is currently active. If I am, there is a good chance.

Another catch is that LB does not know of anything which happened before its birth. For LB, some users never existed and thus are not banned/muted while reality looks different. I can try and fix the most prominent examples, but to be honest, I don't think it would be worth the effort 95 % of the time.


Command reference

Most of the commands are abbreviated, to allow for longer arguments and quicker execution. All of the longer versions will work just as well, if you prefer them.

Everyone: These commands can be used by every player who is not blocked.

->lb v Version: Current version of LB (a0.5 as of this writing).

->lb h Help: Gives you a link to this forum topic.

->lb t Time: The current timestamp of LB. All events are saved with an UTC timestamp.

->lb c Colors: Gives you a link to a website where you can find Minecraft's color codes.

->lb l <link> Link: Makes an URL clickable by reinserting the dots. This command is spam protected more heavily and monitored more closely than your average command.

->lb p <name> Player: Without any additional arguments, returns whether that player, to LB's knowledge, is currently muted (m), banned (b), blocked from using LB (bl).

->lb p <name> n Nick: If the player has a nick, returns that (with "-" instead of "&" for format and color codes), and a timestamp of when it was last changed.

->lb p <name> m Mute: If the player is muted, states how much longer the mute will last, if it expires. Does not disclose the mute reason.

->lb p <name> b Ban: If the player is banned, states how much longer the ban will last, if it expires. Does not disclose the ban reason.

Moderators and Serge: Everyone else can safely skip to the end.

Note that none of your actions will be registered automatically by LB. It can only see what one can see from Webchat. Thus, you need to perform the commands described below, or LB will know nothing at all.

For that, you'll need to learn a little more than the other players, that is how to use durations and timestamps in your commands. It's not hard though.

Durations. A duration follows the format
<num><unit>, e.g. 10m or 36h. You cannot (yet?) use several units combined, like 5h 30m. The units available are s|econds, m|inutes, h|ours, d|ays, w|eeks.

A duration of 0 (without any unit) means "permanent" or "indefinite". Using -1 as duration will negate the effects of the command, for instance,
->lb b ASpammer -1 Taking pity will register the unban of ASpammer, who believably apologized on the forums.

Timestamps. There are two formats used by LB - the precise YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS and the shorter YYMMDD-HHMM. You can use either in your commands, but you need to include the hyphen (makes things more readable and less prone to typos).

You need to use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) in your timestamp.
->lb t can help you figure out the correct conversion. UTC is, by location, GMT+0, and does not have daylight saving time (DST). The most common timezones convert to UTC as follows:

WET 0 / CET -1 / EST +5 / CST +6 / MST +7 / PST +8. If you are currently in DST, -1.

You cannot use the following characters in your commands:

Moderation events.

None of the following commands will perform the action. They just make LB log that the action was performed and are intended to be entered after you did your thing.

->lb n <username> <nickname> Nick: Registers a nickname change.

->lb k <username> <reason> Kick: Registers a kick. Not really something one would want to look up later, but included for the sake of completeness.

->lb {m/b} <username> <duration> <reason> Mute/Ban: Pretty straightforward.

->lb a <username> <text> Annotation: Adds a note which is not associated with any action per se. Annotations are not publically accessible.

The reason, where included above, is not optional, but if it is self-explanatory enough to be reconstructed at a later date, write "#" or whatever meaningless text you fancy. Just remember that LB is also intended to be used as a reference of what happened back when ASpammer got banned. A short reason "Chat spam" would be enough to know.

Idea for the unlikely case of reasons that the public should not see: Put "Undisclosed" and message the other mods the real reason. We all write down the reason together with username and date somewhere outside of LB.

Looking up events.

All moderation events are logged UUID-based, meaning you will never need to enter an old username (doing so will in fact yield wrong results). Always use the current Minecraft username of a player.

->lb p <name> {n/m/b/a} <num> Lookup by number: Returns an event's content, duration and reason. 1 is the most recent recent event of that type, 2 the event before that, etc. 0 will have the same effect as no number at all, i.e., the public command described above will be executed (no reason returned).

->lb p <name> {n/m/b/a} <timestamp> Lookup by time: Searches for the event that was in effect at the time given. Differently than by ID, you will not receive the absolute duration of the event, but its remaining duration at that time. E.g., if SmellyTroll gets muted on 151212 for five days and you put
->lb p SmellyTroll m 151214-1000, LB will tell you they were muted for three (more) days.

->lb p <name> h History: Sends you all events that were ever recorded for that user as a forum PM.

Registering and looking up events does not work when Mojang's API servers are down, but that happens rarely compared to the authentification servers.

LB Administration.

->lb block <name> [<reason>] Block: Makes LB ignore all future commands from a player. The reason is optional. Notice that there is no short version of this command.

->lb unblock <name> [<reason>] Unblock: The user will be able to use LB again. Notice that blocking and unblocking have separate commands.

Other commands.

->lb gc,
->lb load,
->lb tps Server performance: Returns the server's current load (lower better, <5 % is normal), TPS (higher better, 20 max, >18.5 is normal), and player count (higher better albeit worse for performance).


I hope LB will be found to be a useful and maybe one day fun tool for everyone. As said, please drop me any ideas for improvement, I'll make them reality if they are doable. I'll post updates in this topic as they come along.

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What's the point of this?


What's the point of this?

Added a Tl/dr.


O.O Holy cow apv, you've been busy! Good job dude!


i've used it a bit and i really like it! Thanks apv!
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-> lb hack apv


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Apv you should submit a pull request here:
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I like trains

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Since lb was disabled, I will unsticky this until either he returns or lb is reactivated.

Miss you buddy.


Since lb was disabled, I will unsticky this until either he returns or lb is reactivated.

Miss you buddy.

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…who will I noot to now :"C

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