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So, Ninja asked for some enchanted protection books we agreed on 12 diamonds we were to meet at wilderness 3 so we did i gave him 4 protection 3 books and he didn't pay instead he decided to log and play stupid




hope you all don't trade with him i don't want anyone else being scammed
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Really, I've traded with him, he's trusted?


what i thought was well guess we found the answer.


Yesterday he decided to pay me back with all the junk in his inventory the only good thing he had was a diamond sword which was damaged




well that's why you sadly cant trust anyone on the server that you do not know well at least you learned something from this though. I also know what it feels like to get scammed. when I was a "noob" on the server, I was the biggest idiot there was. I was dumber than a sac of potatoes. one day, I announce to the server that I was willing to trade one of my wither heads for some protection books. then adam (oO_moster_Oo) said he had 64 prot IV books that he could trade me for the wither skeleton head. then of course me being a dumbass and not knowing any better, I decided to go through with the trade. we then met at spawn. then he said "you throw first", so then I said "ok", then once I threw the skull, he said "GG kid" and that was it. at first I was pretty bummed that I got scammed out of something like that (and at the beginning of the server, wither skeleton heads were worth a lot!) but then I looked at the bright side of it and I thought of it as a way to learn from my mistake so hopefully you will do the same


wow sad story thx for sharing your story also thx for the support
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