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This guy has been crossing the line with racial slurs for over a week now, and he's a born douche and a brat. He has been bothering me long enough, and has started to ruin my peace of mind on this server. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that this server would be way better off without the likes of him. Please look into this matter.

hope you guys would take some sort of action.

I'll give you guys a few screenshots which should provide sufficient evidence.


Enough proof. Muted permanently until further notice from Serge, Crim or me. Thank you
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SprinklezMC…as max said things that were just as bad.

post pictures they will ban him too. if you dont have pictures, then stop whining.

i support this mute, please do more, i play once in a while and now it REALLY pisses me off logging for 10 minutes and ALWAYS seeing rude people on chat. KILL EM WITH FIRE DAMMIT!

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If anyone has screenshots of Max doing similar stuff and posts them, I will react the same way, but I need proof :/ What is not possible, if you mean that, is not to mute Creator just because Max allegedly did the same stuff. Iniuria non excusat iniuriam.


thanks guys, really, thanks alot


Nobody of us accused you, Max Nothing is assumed until it is proven.
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