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?19?:?11 u are just jealous because my computer can handle the hacks.
?19?:?13 my brother might hack ur account so beware.
IV_KIRKY_IV on Skype saying that he will hack me.

Brosaph_And_Nitro is IV_KIRKY_IV

He uses xray and duplication
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whos Brosaph_And_Nitro


its u iv_


u dont hav me on skype peodophile


No screenshots with proof? No way to know what he's hacking?

Guys, this is the kind of shit that I won't accept for a ban or kick or whatever. I need visual proof! You could have made all of that up and just wrote it out.

Grow up while you're at it.


First off,

Hacking over the computer is hard to do unless you have your own coding program. Usually people from ages, 18-old peeps, who are professional or home-learned coders can do this. I doubt some fucking 5-year old on skype can hack your computer because in the first place, you can't hack computers…. you hack internet connections and preform ddos, which in many countries is considers Illegal and can be a serious issue, if you live in the United States and have their information, you can file a internet crime to the FBI website.

Thanks, Light.

>.> Learn some respect for the US, yo!
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