Sup Yal . I know i've done some pretty dick things, and im sorry for that . Hopefully some of you will forgoive me. Now back on topic :/. I just joined back and im recruiting. Shazard is my factions tag, if you have any suggestions theres a spot on the application. Now let's get started.
1. Age:
2. 3 Minecraft Skills:
3. IRL Name:
4. IG Name:
5. Do you wish to build your own base away from mine?: Yes or No
6. A title you would like
7. Why Can I trust you? (3 reasons):
8. Why do you want to join? (3 reasons):
And last :cool: DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

9.Idea for faction tag.

Thats basically it :rolleyes:
If you have a wish to be moderator there's another set of skills you must have

Must have been in the faction for about a months or 3 weeks,around that.

Must have gained my trust

Cant be someone i just recruited cuz thats BS :o

And uh, if you say you've done all of these there'll be a tiny challenge, like get an emerald :rolleyes: idec
If you sent an application i will look at it and also if you sent an application. I'm Jack and thanks for trying out for Shazard. :|:o:/:lol::mad::rolleyes::cool: