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Hey guys, so after reset, me, JornTheFirst, Gerbinator, thetropicalwave, KelvinTheAsian, and hopefully apv will be moving far out to create a building faction that will also do trades and will aid allies in wars, etc.
This is an early application if you would like to join, I won't be on all the time but jorn and apv (if he joins) will be the leaders when I'm gone. Our main goal is just to make a family based faction far away and stay away from the problems at spawn we will also be building so if you're a good resource gatherer or good miner and builder then join! We will also accept PvPers since we might build a spawn base for those who want to PvP or just want to help our allies when they are in trouble, etc.
These are the requirements to join:
1) You must be friendly and not childish.
2) You can't be enemies with our allies, or cause our allies to become enemies.
3) You must be active atleast a few times a week, if you're on holiday then please say so before you leave if you don't then tell me or the mods when you get back so we know.

And heres the application:
1) Why would you like to join (Insert faction name here)?
2) What are your skills out of 1-10, (10 being really good 1 being pretty bad)
Resource Gathering:
Redstone stuff:
Survival skills:
Any other skills you have: (Don't worry if you have no other skills)
3) What do you prefer Coca cola or Pepsi? (Just curious)
4) What would you like the faction to be called?
5) Any enemies you have?
6) Skype?
(If you have it and don't want to say you can Pm me, or if you don't have it don't worry its not required)
7) Do you believe Shamolay is a girl?
8) Do you know anyone in the faction?
Any questions about the faction you can put in your application and me or Jorn will try and answer them as best as we can



I feel like i'm being targeted….

(Epileptic warning)

guys, this faction knows how to throw za parties
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I guess i'll fill it in as an example. That way you guys get to know me before even joining

1: i love the people. Mostly jorn. ()
2:Mining: idk, 8-9 ish
Pvping:eh, depends on my ping. Probably around 6-7
Building: again, 6-7
Resource Gathering:7gazillion
Farming: farming as in grinding or making food farms ? A big fat 9 for food farms
Redstone stuff:5 or so
Survival skills:8
4: well ehmmm i've been thinking about that, no clue at all
5:male rei, sham's ego
6) ask me if you want it
7:no, i know him too well by now (sadface)
8: nope, totally noone


My ego o,o?

But anyways jorn, I would say your a 8/10 with redstone
And your mining level is literally over 9000, you taught me a few tips without realising it C:




Id like to join because I want to start out new on the server after reset and the factions name should be somthing awesome.
2) 8
3) pvp 7
4)building 8
5) gathering 10
6) farming 10
7) Redstone 4
8) I know laxus
I have one question what are your guys's favorite pokemon and why?
And I don't like coca cola or Pepsi I like Dr.peppr and pibb
I have no skype
and people some people enemy me to kill me and claim my land.


Hook me up as a potential ally, even because of my faction (A NICE FACTION) Screw the haters, and tell me if you're ever enemied by this fac or allied factions.

THIS FACTION IS HEDGES APPROVED. NO TOUCHY TOUCHY. *Maybe you can poke tales with a dirty stick*


I need to make a new page with a better application… *Grabs food and watches youtube vids* maybe later..
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