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Hey everyone,
New faction i created called Araluen. If you want to join, ask and i'll give you the coordinates online in a private chat. Anyone who feels like joining feel free, we just have a few rules:

1) All chests will be able to be accessed by me, as I hate it when leave the faction and don't take their chests with them, so there are random chests claimed by random people all over and that ticks me off.

2) Don't break the Beds! If you do that'll be an automatic kick from faction and premises.

3) We have a few large factions near us, including Austria and Austria 2. We will be peaceful with them. If anyone attempts to blow their buildings up or kill one of their members unprovoked, that will be an automatic kick from faction and premises.

4) No destroying other's houses! if you break blocks of someone else's house put them back or you will be kicked from faction and premises.

5) If you join, I will build a house for you. You may build on or destroy on that house as much as you wish, but you will not build on any other house for other people, as it's really annoying when people come to their house and suddenly find a weird looking extension to their house protruding out of the roof. Building on other player's houses without permission will result in a kick from faction and premises.

That's all, and there can always be exceptions to the rules, remember that. Thankyou, and reply to this if you would like to join and i'll invite you online.
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Dude, romove your coords

If not its kinda guaranteed that meanies will come and raid you :c


Good point thanks.


Something tells me this guy is a huge fan of the ranger apprentice
*fullfangirlmode* ME TOOO WOOOOOP


Oh really Jorn? That's awesome. Yeah, i love those books. Glad you could tell lol.
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