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The Balam alliance is going to be created after reset, it is a group of solo/small factions living at spawn looking for security, comradeship, and a few jokes to share even whilst being solo/small. the factions must, preferably be 1-2 people but I am willing go up to 5 people within a faction, I may also make exceptions for larger factions but only if all members of the alliance are ok with it

also as some of you have you have noticed, I am indeed leaving Fairy Tail, TalerOfTales will be the admin after reset, and I know he'll do a even better job then me.

firstly, let me just say that currently within the alliance is:


People that i think may express interested in joining and will probably be let in hands down:


Now to get in you do not need to sign a form, you simply need to speak with me, but there are indeed a few rules

1)if any other faction in the alliance is attacked, you MUST help defend, because as small factions, when under attack it can be hard to retaliate alone, HOWEVER! Retaliation won't always be the answer, if someone in the alliance is under attack, if you don't want to risk retaliation, then you can simply provide a safehouse the person can move to and fro to (I plan on having a tunnel system that will make manuvering much easier so you can easily escape from people.) Since blocks are indestructible when claimed, your base will be safe as long as you are.

2)you must have a decent set of morals

3)have a decent base at spawn, and it must have some form of defence, but I will caution all members of a certain exploit to be careful with

4)you pretty much must be enemied to undead and his group of bandits at all times, reason being that they are simply too morally wrong. Along with him there are many others, but generally its important that all people within the faction are enemies/allied to the same peeps

if you break a rule then you risk being removed from it.

after reset i plan on reserving a entire side of spawn for spawn bases, because your expected to stay at spawn mostly, you can have a holiday home or something like that, since I am going to get tales to make and claim a 50 claim mansion for whenever I feel like having a few mins of fresh air a few hundred thousand blocks away from spawn xD

oh and by the way, most people within the alliance will have 4 claim to 16 claim bases, i will have a blaze spawner claimed that all members within the alliance will be able to use, without using a claim of their own, as well as having a decent spawner somewere use can use if you don't already have one, so you can keep your claims for your base.

Now just to give you a lil insight on how i plan on it working, it is inspired by nato, rather then the warsaw pact so you will have FREEDOM, but of course i expect you to restrain yourself in certain situations, and also remember that unless you need to provide shelter for a person, you will pretty much remain independent, allies/enemies will depends on how morally correct they are, in a nutshell this will make it so you have a large military strength whilst retaining your independence as a person or as a faction, deterring potential attacks, ideal for hermits such as myself. :3

so if your interested and want to ask questions or think you wanna join go ahead
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Sham wow…PICK MEH


EAHedgesSham wow…PICK MEH

well that kinda depends on rule 4, if not for that i think you would be a good edition


Yes! Finally a 6v1 when the opponent is NOT best at pvp, let's go Sham, bring it


HesticRhythmYes! Finally a 6v1 when the opponent is NOT best at pvp, let's go Sham, bring it

? Sorry but me no understando

If you have no interest in joining and/or have no questions to ask, press the control and f4 button at the same time pls c:


Can't find an F4 button on my iPhone nor is there a control button, sorry.


Bump for 2gun


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