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hello there and i guess you want to apply for bluedragon because if you didn`t you woundn`t even be reading this topic.bluedragon is a surviving faction thatwill always be standing no matter be able to be in the fac you`ll fill out an appication.but the highest amount of people in this fac will be 7.we already have 3 (me, dragonlink86, and Ilan 2412.)in the application you must write
first name (so we can call you by it)
the basic minecraft things in a scale of 1-10 (1 being a nOOb at it, 10 being king at it) i will say them at the end.
skype name (it`s not required, but it`s recomened, only 1 person that doesn`t have a skype account will be able to join)
why you want to join bluedragon
why you wanted to quit your old fac (people that havn`t been in a fac ignore this)

building, mining, farming, fighting mosters, pvp, griefing, and exploring

i wish you luck with your appication and have fun in bluedragon if you make it.

i`ll see you later, trainies (trainies are people that know me a lot and they`re in the link army. don`t question it)

oh yeah i forgot parkour
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applications can start!
i made a rule, i decided that only 5 people will be in this fac.also i found out that i`m the only person in bluedragon.that means that i can invite 4 people.

without further ado, i`m done this short post
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