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Hey all. Since I'm home in Canada I've been able to get on my desktop after being away for a year. I dug through some of my old files and found some screenshots of some very early days of Standard Survival. The server has come quite a long way, just wanted to post some here

A few of these are just player lists, because I was so excited that there were THAT many people on at the same time. See if you can recognize some names. The server originally had a limit of 20, and I had no idea what I was doing. Bumping on planet minecraft would keep bringing in spikes of players, and that eventually built the community that started the server off.

This is the very first day of the server, May 10 2012. I ended up accidentally deleting that world and having to start everything back up the next day on what is now the world on

This is me and the Rangers faction getting ready to attack KGooden and Exolv_'s faction

Here we are in their base, trying to kill them

This is much later when the server was starting to become more established with a higher player limit

Everyone waiting for the 1.4 spawn to be enabled!
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That was good look at the old server it brought back memories of being chased by people on my first day.

Be The Change


THEPOLISHREAPER i miss him D: and Theominer!!!


Back then when people raided with Iron armor. Now people are way too experienced and hardcore


Are there anymore ?


Hey I'm in Canada server!


OMG I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS!!!! it was me, eric, mythic, ant venom, at a point circii, and imma beast. I remember all the good times and bad times. like when drummer always tried to raid us and trapped me in my own house one day. and like when me and adam or me and eric would mine together. such good times I miss them so much. I remember how tango ruled the nether. oh good times good times.


I read stories on the kgood war, didn't know you took part in it though O.o


I see nadawg was a mighty influence in the very beginning. Never figured he was on that long ago. o.o


Wow. Even I didn't know that server took part in those wars. Looks like a fun time!


From the rumours i hear, server really kicks ass at pvp

Kgood didn't stand a chance xD
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Server i can remember when you trapped me in tnt at spawn on that ice biome


I still remember the good ol days back then, they were the days I played for and I miss the TANGO crew.


I remember those days, back at 1.3 i came in at late 1.2 and been playing ss since, i remember one time at 1.3 when i left the 1.4 biome and spawned under the ice and was suffocating, anyone remember that glitch? I lost my sharp v sword a iv helm and iv chest plate, i remember Heavy and Rye were like the scariest people and everyone thought they ruled the server because they were the best at PvP xD i remember one day I'm sitting in Wooden_Dragons little area and Rye Nutty Long Heavy SyKo and Whi were all sitting waiting for i think it was Undead who logged and i walked out with nothing and i started crouching in front of all of them and then they crouched back (universal sign "were cool" xD and then they asked to Skype and i said sure.. good times.. good times, i also remember on like the last day Simba over claimed me and put in big litters "DICK" on the front of my base lol its still there xD


Im in the 14th pic 2nd from the bottom I remember those days fun AF


LONGFORDMAN2I still remember the good ol days back then, they were the days I played for and I miss the TANGO crew.


I was in the one were he had tabbed at 1.3 spawn btw server nice fly hax eZ ban get good gg get banned
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omg kgooden he was the first person to have pots on the server he alwaysed went invis and have poison and insta damage pots he was really good at pvp to


Oh wow that's old


Im sad now
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