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1. Note before anything else that any and all issues that occur on the server that are brought forward are to be judged by Server. When he makes a decision about it, whether he favors your choice or shows mercy, HIS DECISION IS FINAL! DO NOT WHINE, CRY, OR COMPLAIN TO HIM TO CHANGE HIS MIND! He will not, and more than likely you will look like a jackass for being oppressive, if not get punished yourself

2. The following issues should be posted on here should they occur.
- Someone abusing a glitch or using hacks (See Simba's sticky on how to gauge a real hacker here!)

- A person that is abusive to the chat community, ie. cursing anyone/thing repeatedly in chat after being asked to stop, someone being verbally abusive to you in private chat.

- Excessive spawn killing/noob killing. By excessive, I mean targeting you specifically more than 5 times as a kill at your bedside or spawn, and you have no means or are not retaliating. If you are attacking the person or group at all, you're digging your own grave and most likely will not see any punishment on the offensive side. Raids do not count in this. If you're raided and lose, tough. Get what you have left and build again, maybe try to ally with the ones who raided you to prevent any future raids.

- Any issues you come across in game that you do not think is normal and could not be fixed by conventional means. This also goes for any excessive lag spikes that you encounter in the world. Jot down the coords and send them here, as it could cause the whole server lag issues. Also, more that anything, villager spawners and chickens cooped up in an extremely small pen are not to be made or used as the pathing on these mobs, when interfered with, causes IMMENSE lag and will only go to cause problems for the whole server. These are also bannable offenses should server find them and the party does nothing to resolve it once asked to do so.

3. Threads created to hold any sort of evidence for Server to look at should be titled decently, not ‘ OMG SERVER, HACKER!!!’ It should be something simple, but direct. “Hey Server, Banhammer?” is an acceptable title for such a thread… pretty much anything that Server will see that he knows he needs to look at that doesn't look like a 7 year old made it.

4. When you make a report thread, DO NOT make it your one and only goal to get the person banned! Server will see it, Server will look into it. He has far more ways of investigating things than you do, and if he sees that there needs to be further steps taken to deal with a problem, he will. Simple as that. If there is no punishment, don't repeat the same thread over again in hopes of changing his mind. It won't happen.

5. Finally, when posting a report thread, post as much evidence as possible, a minimum of 3 screenshots and the in-game name of the person/people involved. Post it, leave it for Server to see. Don't tell the suspect that you've posted something about them or let them know you suspect they're going against the rules. Or better yet, don't put the player's name in the subject line AT ALL! All of the previous will only start a flame war in the thread or in game and will significantly decrease your chances of Server looking into the thread and reading through your and the offenders garbage to see what the issue is. It also looks incredibly childish.

A few things this thread and the entire server don't want to see is the following:

1. Topics that are solely for the degradation of one/several players. "Dude, wtf happened?!?" Is acceptable. "Dude, you're a faggot ass pussy." Is not. If I see any threads like this pop up, I will either immediately lock the thread to discontinue it, or will turn the thread around on you, and embarrass you. There is nothing in this game worth posting a flame thread over, and it makes the one who started it look extremely childish and crude. If you wanna call somebody out, do it some other way but here. This includes bringing up topics that were locked for this reason in another thread. If you bring up something from a locked thread to be continued in a new thread, it will be locked as well. Do this enough, and I'll start making different topics by editing the initial post, to embarrass you.

2. At least for this section, if there are any more threads started to accuse people of cheating or hacking without proper evidence to accuse them, or the thread devolves to a Flame War, I will automatically lock it. If you want to post something like that, read the above sections on what and how to properly post it. More than likely, if you can't post three screenshots to accuse someone else of something, there's no point in it. It's usually nothing too severe, and from what I seen, usually is there just to troll people.

I will repeat myself again, all issues brought to the forums are to be judged by Server. When he makes a decision about it, whether he favors your choice or shows mercy, HIS DECISION IS FINAL! DO NOT WHINE, CRY, OR COMPLAIN TO HIM TO CHANGE HIS MIND! He will not, and more than likely you will look like a jackass for being oppressive, if not get a punishment yourself.

Thanks for reading. Here's to a better report style!

If you have any issues with the game play itself, please report that on here as well. The matters will be looked into and action taken should it be needed.

EDIT: Added this to the new section to be a guide for the reports. Also added new info on what to report, including villager spawners and chicken chunks/extremely small coops.

EDIT 2: Posted new stuff about what we don't wanna see. If I see it, you'll regret it.

EDIT 3: Emphasizing some points for those who can't read… >.>
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