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To me, this application seems very viable and approve-able. I'd vote yes on that :3 First yes since apv's faction.

(And there is also 1 safe nether portal already, in Eastmarch, but the more the merrier! )


I meant the one for 1.7 spawn when it comes out, since I'm guessing that if anyone else makes the portal it will likely be coffin one, for the loot,

And thanks lethal c:


lol i got mentioned alot


I vote yes for sham.
When a noob is in trouble I am glad to help and almost always will gear up and kill those who attack noobs.
When a noob is in trouble sham will find a way to solve their problems non violently.
Their problem non violently. I'll give them food and tools. Sham gives them food tools and the resources to make more food and tools.
Sham finds the best way to help anyone.


and since sham mentioned me they automatically become peaceful


If there is peaceful factions there should be something like the opposite like a Violent/Agressive faction


Why? What would it do?


I'd like to apply to be a peaceful faction,
we are only a two-person faction and intend to stay that way so we are not interested in pvp.
The only time we've pvp'd was in selfdefense and revenge for being killed when we wanted no trouble and were defenseless.
The leader of our faction is a veteran on her old account (and is actually the one writing this) and wishes to be peaceful as well.
Our faction is a LONG way from spawn and we recently moved even further out to avoid trouble.

- xepherxv
- JadedJay


Server I was wondering if PeaceMakers could become a peaceful faction so that we may keep doing our work with out be harmed and so we may not harm others because some of my members are quick to attack people passing by our base. I would also like to be peaceful so that we can help lost members get a place to live and start on this wonderful server with supplies and knowledge of how the server works. If not I will keep trying to keep the peace. I hope to see you soon.

Be The Change


Server can I please make my Faction War Of Change peaceful because I have force to hide down in my base because Legendary_Nugget force me there, when he ender pearled over my wall. So if I leave my house he will kill me. Please Server I would be very happy if you did this for me.
Signed MooMasterMoo
Be The Change


Quick question. Could a small/solo faction get peaceful? Im hoping to get a peaceful faction up next time the server resets.


BL00_20Quick question. Could a small/solo faction get peaceful? Im hoping to get a peaceful faction up next time the server resets.

Server plans on coding his own plugin to make greifing harder, which should lessen the need for peaceful

( next reset though)


Server, I am the leader of the pandapals. I have been on this server for 3 months (I played on a different account as well) and I also donated recently. None of us have interest in pvp and our goal as the pandapals is to just build and do what the focus of survival is: survive. It's very irritating to have someone kill you for no reason when you're only helping other people. national_guard has helped me out, so did pupcicles and tincon. Mainly ThisGirl, sir_charmander_ and I want to repay them for helping us out by giving back and helping others build, get on their feet in the game, etc. All members are of ages between 16-17. Three of us know each other in real life, we recently had two new members and our base is far from spawn.

Active Members
ThisGirl6931 killed no one
ShadowD24 killed no one
Meowless_Cat killed no one

Excused Member
sir_charmander_ killed 2 people over 3 months (one of which was a friend in real life as a joke)
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