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May 10th, 2012:
Decided to give hosting a Minecraft server a go just to see what happens and see if people stick around. It was a shot in the dark, I had no idea what I was doing, but look how it turned out today. Man, what a journey it's been…

Here's the first ever server list submission I did (check the submitted date):

It's been super fun building the community up to what it is today. It's crazy to see people that first joined close to a year ago still playing here, and I love that. Thanks to all the players that have made it worthwhile this past year, obviously this server would be nothing if it was always empty. Here's to another year of Standard Survival!

-Serge (aka Server)


You know, in between all the kids and jerks that come on every so often, I really do like it here. Was my first server experience beyond my friend's private server, had no idea what to expect when I first joined, but now that I've opened up in the past few months, I see you have more of a personal experience on this server than most. You don't get babied and pampered with stuff, and there's no help at all… either you make it on your own, or you're screwed. And that's honestly what I like about it. Hell, I started out under a tree outside Wild 2 on the old server nearly starved waiting on wheat to grow scared out of my mind to now running a successful faction with some of the greatest on the server. You really make the experience your own in that sense.

Serge, keep it up. :3 It does suck some days to have to come on here and see the whining and complaining, and I'm sure it gets frustrating to have to code and keep up with errors and such, but you're making it worth it for the ones who enjoy themselves here. I honestly don't think this server gets enough praise for what it's doing. But you have the respect for those who have been here and know what you've committed to this.

Thanks for making this happen and for breaking your… uh… fingers to keep this going. XD


Server im 6 months short of a year on the server but it feels like 2 year ive grown so much to the server i dont think i could ever quit i remember when i first started I spawned at this random ass stone place, my first time on MC and DrummerReviews and puca2000 and UndeadSmileyFace are standing there and i am on a call with Puca and Drummer and undead was msging them because he wanted to show them his base, i remember seeing A HUGE stone brick palace which i though was some Jerks house but it turned out to be Woodens xD and i remember seeing a huge skeleton ontop of im pretty sure empires like sand castle thing and i rememer seeing a re cross and i was just amazed and then Drummer added me to Spigga with WillJ and i remember going into the nether for the first time and as soon as i spawned i see lava EVERYWHERE and a pigman comes up and rapes me, lol and then i went into it again an fell ito lava, i remember never finishing my noob house which was crushers, who quit but came back, and it already had a farm and i had to cover his chests in cobble, i remember mining and finding my first dia with my step brother (5) at my side, i rememer my first greif on like some1 called penguins, his fac must have disbanded or something but i took all the wood from his house xD then i made it into a dock for my boat that kept breakig an i rememer i could never control the damn thing xD standard is a part of my life now.. That wont ever change


i love this server


puttin it short i love it and i will never quit


Server this is my all time favorite minecraft server. It was my third server i ever joined. It allowed me to become a better player, make friends, and just have a lot of fun. Thank you server for the awesome experiences we have all had on the server and I hope we have many more server anniversaries to come!


It has definitely been a long journey. All of us love this server and we love the good people. Im so Glad we reached a year. I remember when i first joined ten months ago. It was such a cool place with nice ppl and even though ppl arent always nice. All of us made a new friend here. Like i have always said. This is and will be the best server ever. If it wasnt for this server i would probably stopped playing minecraft a long time ago. Thanks for hosting this server we are all happy about our first year.


We all hope it keeps filling up. Thxs for making the best server ever



server this server has had its ups and downs but its still the best server out there. Keep the server running like this man and doin a good joib


Played on the server since 1.2 no joke


wow been playin for 1 year wow seems longer XD
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you should give us all dias


Server, It was fun! I've never have learned so much life experience from yourself and the noobs i call my friends on this server (love you all ;3 ). From Busting hackers, being a hacker and getting busted twice, and raiding with simba to betraying factions, to faction hopping, to other fun things like pvping. Its all been a blast! Meeting new creepy people like Julia and Honda, to Neko people like Pika and Punked, from seeing that after a year you can trust a man named olaf, and Crimson and his pole of strips, to that lady you met on a bench…. Just all the memories coming back to me now… Exspecially the first time i joined and hw it was 22 slots…. Laggy as hell…. Simba calling me a bastard…. Ah the memories… Julia and her frozen poop and nut….. Drama… oh my god the drama on here…. so much drama just yea. XD Fun times…. What else is there to add to this long message?…. OH! Server remember the time we used to hide from das and such in ventrillo? ah that was fun…. and uber funny… Ah well those are the mem…….. TheEmpire! Such a fun faction! Olaf, Xdr, Lia (<–obviously a male…trying to be like simba :3), Myself and Julia… Such fun times there… Oh and the dramatic quitting…. i actually made my grave inside the first house i had with TheEmpire…. that was a good location… and very fond memories…. i think i was the first person olaf let into TheEmpire that wasn't part of the big 4…. hmm interesting… Well if i think of anything else i will post them! OH another one :3…. the count down to 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 spawns… fun times… I love the memories. The fun memories of Standard Survival….

Forgot to add… Thank you Server for the fun time and the asswhoopings you give to them hackers and keeping the server running and worth spending my time playing on! It is a blast.

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Oh minecraft, one of the most popular games now. Who knew a game could make so many people join? About 12 months ago a Inoccent player by the name of sdynamite went to the internet to search for a server. He, just buying minecraft, found a webpage with a ip called After countless tries on looking where to put the IP address he joined. It was one memorable moment. His best friend was with him at the time, and so they put up on a journey, and by that i mean going about 50 blocks away form spawn. He found a player, asking him to join his faction, Sdy, not knowing what a faction was, punched the player to death. He got the stuff and ran away another direction, to a mansion made out of a lot of blocks, by a swamp. He dug up some cobble and made his little shack. That was my first day in the server, one of the happiest moments in my minecraft history. it was also my permannt server, until now.


8 years
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