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So I've recently gotten over my suicidal tendencies, and life's been getting better.
And then I plummeted.
I don't know what it is, but all I know is it won't get better.
I'm not gonna overdose, jump off a bridge, no.
I'm running away though, and I just wanted to tell the group that I trust the most. Sorry if I'm an attention-whore, but I just need to go away and think for a couple days, nothing more.

Kiku (C.W.)


If you're gonna run away, run on here. Let's talk damnit! XD


ok dont get caught its illegal, i dont want to persuade you to go or anything but, you deserve tima alone, go think


I'll be hopping on and off, my mom's going to block all things MC-related such as the forum if she catches me on it again. It's the reason I reset my laptop to take my dad's blocker off, but I don't have the luxury of my electronics anymore and my phone's next. I'm open for tips on staying calm and such, by the way, I'll need it.


Buy a raspberry pi and mini 7" screen and sneak some minecraft under the blankets (figuratively).

As for your health that's the main thing , take care of it .

I'll send you some :

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Just for curiosity's sake, what did you do to deserve this kind of punishment? mom seems like a douche.


Sorry I haven't been able to chat. My only chance to sneak in a chat is when my parents are both away, which is rare. Anyway, getting to my point. My mom finds it HORRIBLE that I'm talking with people that I don't know in real life, but it tears at me that they're taking it so far. I could understand a bit more if I had never heard anything about anyone here, but it's a bit late for that, no? I hope I might be able to slip on for a bit to check on everything, but if not, you'll know why.
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