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Do you use sacred arts to manifest or manipulate block game. Wether for your own selfish desires or helping other block game people? Ask yourself this for me, “do I want to be apart of a group who transcends together in block world game?”

Looking for players who have special abilities and discord is required. More information shared via dm. If you don’t like dio then you won’t ever know the man on the misty mountain. the dragons silver tipped wings rip through the cool autumn air late in the evening as the scarlet moon rises lifting Ronnie James dio above block world. You feel the magic and see it dancing in the air! Your attention is drawn to the east and behold two eyes from the East! It’s the angle of the beast!

What happens next of up to you…


I once farted and sneezed at the same time, is that enough?


Are you high?


Are you high?

Nah he’s Hugh


So you're both high.


So you're both high.

Nah we’re both Hugh


I once farted and sneezed at the same time, is that enough?

yes sir


You can accept this as both my introduction and application.

Y’all already know who it is. It’s ya boy xxxpussydestroyer69xxx. I only have one rule: no smelly coochie. If my face can’t get in, it’s time to get out. While I’m here I wanna tell you guys about my one rule: love thy neighbor. Haha you never know what someone’s going through plus it gives you a chance at that coochie nameen? If it smells though you gotta get out. That reminds me of my one rule: if she breathes, she’s asking for it. That’s right, women want an alpha man to own them and micromanage their lives. Haha I gotta tell you guys about my one rule: get laid, get paid, Gatorade. Y’all already know what it is. Okay thanks for coming to my tubenews make sure to like, comment, heart, thumbs up, subscribe, retweet, imgur, snap, Instagram, tumblerfy, +1, share, repost and commit war crimes. Don’t forget my one rule-


so frian is high as well?
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