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My name is sacredarchitect, or Sociopath (formerly Grammar_Overlord), and I am the leader of the group Architects. It is my great pleasure to give to you all the opportunity to become an Architect. Together we can share many great experiences, an opulent lifestyle, and hopefully a great deal of fun.

In order to join, you must complete this application to the best of your ability. I will contact you in game or through Standard's mail function in order to let you know whether or not you were accepted. Do not fret if you are not accepted, for I will be incredibly picky as to who joins or who doesn't join. The odds are against you in joining.

Before I get into the application materials, I think it is best that I divulge to you some crucial information about my group:

We are not a PvP- or building-exclusive group. We engage in both of these activities and many others. As Standard Survival IV continues, we will be raiding, PVPing, gaining influence, and also occasionally gathering resources. Our primary objective is to enjoy ourselves while thriving in our endeavors.

With that, I will now move on to the rules of being an Architect:

1.) You are not to grief or alter any construction projects unless explicitly given permission by me or a moderator of the group.

2.) You are allowed one personal double chest in a specified location. As always, your Enderchest may also serve as a location for storing personal items. However, anything else is to be put into the group's public chests. Exceptions can be made with permission from me.

3.) Respect your fellow group members and any allies of the group. Killing, raiding, and stalking in game any enemy or "random" players is allowed and encouraged. If any of your raids or attacks are too difficult for you to handle yourself, you are welcome to come to your group for assistance.

4.) You are to remain active in the group. "Active," for my purposes, is playing at least an hour a day while doing meaningful activities. If you know that you will not be able to play for an extended period of time, please let me or a moderator know. We are understanding.

5.) If you are online, you are expected to participate in, as mentioned in 4.), meaningful activities. This can be many things. For example, mining, PvPing, farming, building, and trading are great things to do.

6.) When building something, be aware that I or a moderator may ask you to deconstruct it if it is not aesthetically pleasing or if it is unnecessary.

7.) Do not ask for moderator status. Only the few individuals I know in real life are permitted to this luxury.

8.) This is not a democratic group. If a majority of group members decides on something, I have the final say. However, it is more than likely that I will agree on matters.

9.) Use common sense.

10.) Punitive actions may be taken if you infringe any of the above rules or any other rules stated by me or a moderator. Discipline may include being kicked, killed, and having your items stolen.

Thank you for reading the rules. I will now move on to the actual application. Please, copy and paste the following application into your forum post. If you are uncomfortable answering any of these questions publicly, please send the individual questions and responses to me via Standard mail.


Respond to each of the following coherently and honestly.

1.) What is your Minecraft username? How did you choose it?

2.) How long have you been playing Minecraft?

3.) Have you ever played on a survival and/or factions server before?

4.) How long have you been playing on Standard Survival?

5.) What is your age?

6.) What is your gender?

7.) Is your primary language English? If not, what is your primary language? Will this affect your gameplay?

8.) Do you have any allies/friends on this server? If so, please, list them.

9.) Do you have any enemies on this server? If so, please, list them.

10.) Detail your experience with building.

11.) Detail your experience with mining.

12.) Detail your experience with PvP.

13.) What would you say is your best ability on Minecraft?

14.) Have you ever been on a raid?

15.) Can you build a TNT cannon and effectively destroy a base?

16.) Do you want to raid my group? If so, why?

17.) Suppose there is a group of four invisible enemies in IV outside of the base. How would you respond?

18.) Suppose someone is shooting TNT at the Cube, which is made of obsidian. How would you respond?

19.) What is your primary reason for wanting to join this group and not another? Please, give multiple sentences for this response.

20.) Do you agree to the rules of the group? If not, please cite the rules with which you do not agree.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Architect. If all goes in your favor, you will be receiving a notification of your acceptance and an official invite on the server.

Thank you,

This post may be modified at any time to fix grammatical errors.


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