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or is it gonna update to 1.14.4?


Hey all, by now you may have heard about me considering doing a reset for this new update given that the server is running out of space. Fortunately it seems like I can salvage things by adding a world border and trimming the world down to a certain size to gain back a ton of space. Of course this will mean that anyone beyond the border will be pushed back closer to spawn.

I'm planning on a circular world border with a radius of 100k. Currently there are only 52 players that are further than this distance from spawn. To calculate your distance, you need to compute the square root of your coordinates squared:

distance = sqrt(x*x + z*z)

I'll be reaching out to these specific players later on, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up now on what I'm planning.

I plan on enabling the world border (and pushing any players back closer to spawn) a week from now, Sunday June 9.

Then I'll follow up with the 1.14.2 update shortly thereafter assuming everything goes well and enough space is recovered.


when is this going to happen?


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