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Hey buddy, you created a great place where many of us spent hours playing and enjoying ourselves. I have many fond and great memories playing on SS. I mean this server was part of my childhood. I joined when I was 14 and I turn 19 on the 18th. I thank you for all that but I think it's about time you shut down SS for good.

The reason I say this is not malicious, but because I know there is a cost to running a server and I think you are wasting your money on one with no players.

You did create something truly great though. While I personally do not play Minecraft much nowadays, the SS community has moved to a similar server and is still active.

Things have to end you know? Stop wasting your money.

Thank you.


Also suck my dick you just let this server run itself into the ground.




It kind of turned into an apocalypse server, which is fun…zombies and ruins everywhere
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