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when the forum is dead for a while lets just talk here and hopefully if you feel like forums are dead just make a post here


Yeah great idea


cool gerb guys post ur thoughts on deodorant


:'(still dead


someone dead


Since the forums are kinda dead im gonna give my oppinion on the swatiska.
First I have some questions for you guys.
1)Would you call the cops when someone would hang a swatiska flag on your house.
2)Do you think mojang should be allowed to add a swatiska banner to Minecraft?
Now I will give my own oppinions on the swatiska flag.
So the swatiska mostly reminds people of the Nazis but it also had alot of good meanings in Budhism.

I know that minecraft has a swatiska symbol that you can send in chat and even on family friendly servers like Hypixel.
Here is the swatiska symbol.
EDIT: Apparantly if I post the swatiska on the forums it ends up as a ? so ill send a link to a site which gives alot of information about a swatiska and a swatiska symbol that you can send in Minecraft chat.
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Sieg heil
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