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Riperino SS


Riperino SS

aw miss u b


Nice post, really good for the server


it's not dead, it's just pining for the fjords


I am banned for being too OP and my devastating wombo combos


Just unban everybody and this server will live up to it's former glory.


I am banned for being too OP and my devastating wombo combos

are you actually banned


I know.. It would be nice if for SS7 they unbanned everyone and give people a chance.

You… wouldn't want to see that happen. Trust me, some people are banned for damn good reasons. >.>

As for server being dead, no. Slowed down due to school, sure. Issues with certain mods, namely me, going afk for months and randomly returning due to issues irl, sure, I absolutely take the blame for being gone for shit tons of time. But you gotta think, too… Minecraft has gone down quite a lot. It's not necessarily people not being on the server as much as people not playing the game itself. It sucks. Also, Serge has a lot of work he does irl, so fixing problems here takes a back seat to him dealing with his work.

It does suck, but if you can still claim this server makes you happy, we've all done our jobs. I like the comment that, yes, this is much better than single player and I imagine better than servers where you're ignored if you don't play for hours on end every day.

Sorry if this answer isn't satisfactory enough, but I like to think that my years with standard give me the right to answer about why things are "dead."


Frain_Breeze Also pooch your analogy is fucking stupid comparing a game where one of the features is revolved around fighting to a fucking world war.

ONE of the MANY features is pvp, sure, but the game is definitely not called PvpCraft, or MinePvp. Also, although exaggerated I don't think my analogy is that far off. Let me tone down my comparison though. It's no longer as similar as it used to be to the wild wild West. You don't roll into town and instantly get shot by some random asshole as often as you used to. "What a shame." Fighting and noob killing still occur, it's just less likely. Also it is even more rare that there are there 2 "badass" pvpers at spawn at the same time to fight one another, which some may consider a real problem, and understandably so - but fights can still be arranged. There's still noob killers, it's just that now if you join your biggest difficulty is less likely being ganked, and more likely the classic "how do I break blocks" type questions.

Also, I feel like someone saying they quit because of the 2 month reset is a bit of a poor excuse. Just admit that you're burned out or whatever. Everyone else has bases going again, etc., and seems to have dealt with it reasonably well. I admit it was a pain in the ass a bit, but shouldn't break your will to play on its face. Would you have rather duped stuff was still floating around? It was clearly better overall to reset, and I'm grateful the decision was made.

Also Crimson's comment about Minecraft in general going down is also important to note. We've got Roblox to compete with now boys and girls. "Oof." Then again, maybe this is better. Those who stick with Minecraft after its "trendiness" fades out means that the quality of player should hypothetically increase. Do we really want the Roblox crowd anyways?
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Pooch can you summarize that last post for me. I interested to hear your thoughts but in a readable format.
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