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Hi all, I thought it'd be interesting to learn more about what various people use for key bindings, as well as strategies for managing inventory and ender chest space. The reason for this being, I feel an important part of mastering different parts of the game involves being efficient with your inventory, knowing what needs to be brought with and what needs to be left behind, and also how to make the most of limited inventory and ender chest space as more and more types of items have been introduced to the game over the years. Shulker boxes had really become a necessity as more and more items were added and one felt constrained to picking up only the most valuable items.

I've been living at spawn during this SS run and I've been surprised in PvP literally dozens at times. I'm not great at PvP, but I do ok insofar people of my category, which is those of us that have no experience on PvP servers and owe any PvP skill (or lack thereof in my case!) to SS. Despite this I have a single PvP death (in a fight that was agreed to be to the death) and have managed to successfully avoid fights when I've wanted to. I think my key to low number of deaths in PvP (and in general) has been really solid key bindings (which work well for me personally anyway, you might find them kind of odd) and always having on hand certain key survival items. Even though I am right handed, I use a mouse with the left hand oddly enough…the first computer my family had when I was a young kid had a mouse curved for the left hand so I just got used to it that way. Because of this I find it more comfortable to use IJKL instead of WSAD for movement so my right hand is more comfortable. I find it KEY for bindings to set all of my items to keys that are all in immediate proximity to my movement keys, rather than 1-9. What I use is:

U, O for slots 1, 2: these are to either side of my movement keys and I use for sword and bow.
[ ] for slots 3, 4: these are spots where my pinky can go instantly because of muscle memory. My silk pick is usually on my 3rd slot, and pearls are ALWAYS on my 4th. I think besides armor, sword, and food, pearls should be the next most important item you need to carry at all times for survivability. I always refill to a full stack (remember pearl stacks are 16) when I'm at home, sometimes carry a 2nd stack if I know I am about to be in some PvP situation, and maybe even a 3rd stack if I might need to go into and out of somebody's claim where any maneuver requires pearls. Side tip for obtaining pearls easily: 10 stacks don't take more than maybe 15-20 minutes to gather in end with a looting III sword; make a Sharpness V, looting III, sweeping Edge III, Unb III sword specifically for gathering pearls. Avoid fire aspect II on it, as this will make the endermen teleport around, making it much harder to kill them. If I'm ever below 4-5 pearls for some reason, it's basically time to go home and refill them.

N, M for slots 5, 6: spots where my index finger can go very handily for anything I need. These slots are the ones I change the most, depending on what the situation calls for, while slots 1-4 and 8-9 are largely fixed. In PvP these are set to potions, slot 5 to rockets while flying, tools like shovel, fortune pick etc if the need arises, blocks for building up etc. slot 6 M is pretty much always set to fire-res potion while traveling in the nether (sometimes I drink it ahead of time if I am flying in nether and the server is laggy, otherwise with normal lag, having it on a familiar inventory slot is sufficient to survive when falling in the lava, even with elytra armor)

7,8,9 are actually mapped to slots 7,8,9 since these are near my movement keys of IJKL. 7 is also a spot that can change around between potions, material to build up etc. 8 is always set to beef (why eat anything else when you can buy dubs of beef from SusBoys group for a reasonable amount, which will last you for 400 hours of gameplay? and 9 always set to Golden Apples. Even though you won't need to use the apples too often, I think they are worth devoting an inventory slot to for best survivability, especially if you are walking around near spawn where you might be attacked by players. Sometimes I'll use that slot for something else if I am nowhere near spawn but I can think of at least several occasions during SS6 when I was saved from pigmen, lava, and other random situations where I took unexpected high damage in maybe laggy conditions and having the apples at the ready saved me from death.

Some random inventory tips:
- I (and I know others.) always carry elytra \ chestplate in the top left of my inventory where it is closest to the chestplate slot.
- you don't need to drag an item to a hotbar slot to put it there. Simply hover over the item in inventory and hit '5' or wherever you want the item on your keyboard. You can also shift click the item to send it to the first free in hotbar slot if you have empty slots. Basic stuff, but essential and I'm sure there's some people out there who don't know this.
- you DO know you can right click a stack of things to split it in half, right?
- did you know you can move all stacks of a certain type from a chest \ container to your inventory and vice versa quickly? You don't need to sit there and shift click 27 stacks of obby or whatever to move them from your shulker to your inventory. Just pick up one of the stacks of obby, and shift+double click ANOTHER of the stacks of obby. Ta-da!

Besides elytra, what do I usually carry in my inventory? ender chest is a must of course, and 1 arrow for infinity bow(mending bow seems like a huge waste of inventory space for arrows to me, I've only had to retire a single infinity bow this whole server…uh and maybe 1-2 lost falling in end… That's basically all I feel called to carry, besides potions depending on the situation. If I am walking around spawn randomly I'll take along 1-2 invisibility potions so I can trail anyone I come across, a fire res, a speed, and a strength potion for any random fights. I I know for a fact there'll be PvP, more of the latter 3 and maybe some weakness potions, and maybe an extra set of armor, though I mostly only fight people I know I can win against so I don't bother more often than not

What about shulkers in ender? I have a green-colored shulker labeled "Brewing Kit" that contains every single brewing ingredient in sufficient quantity, blaze powder for fuel, a few brew stands, hoppers for quicker brewing, several buckets of water, a cauldron (good for emergency fire-res brewing in nether while far away) , several stacks of bottles etc. etc. This was the first thing I did when I learned about shulkers in the new version because I absolutely love brewing and potions (probably my favorite part of mc) and I used to hate when limited by the old simple ender chests that I couldn't have all my brewing supplies along everywhere. Useful for many unexpected situations, like if you need jump potions, water breathing potions, splash fire res for saving a friend who fell in lava and had to log off, some random splash debuff and so on and so forth. However, my most used potions I carry in…

A light-green colored shulker labeled "potion knapsack" in ender: this contains 6 fire resistance, 6 strength, 6 invisibility, 3 speed, 3 weakness, and 3 stacks of pearls for good measure. I go to this if I've gone out without potions and suddenly find myself in a situation where I knowingly might be going into a fight, but have time to prepare and a spot to place ender beforehand.

I also have a "Toul's Tools" shulker that contains an assortment of random junk that might come in handy for raiding \ general use \ trapping etc. If I can remember off the top of my head it has: a stack of obby (for building nether portals and traps for anyone who might've logged off in wilderness I was fighting), a stack of flint (for flint n steel which I often use then throw away when done), stack of iron blocks, stack of wood logs, stack of redstone blocks (may need a little here and there for TNT cannons, when you don't really wanna go mining!), extra stack of food, smooth stone for building repeaters for cannons, sponges for handling poorly made water walls, fishing rod for fishing as well as manipulating creepers, god shovel, god axe, plain knockback II sword for knocking creepers without doing them too much damage, 2 stacks of TNT, anvil, stack of gunpowder and stack of paper for extra rockets. Probably some other stuff, but I can't remember at this moment.

My 4th shulker is just a pink one full of quartz ore. This is mostly useful for quickly repairing elytras while on a trip to far away, and secondly for quickly repairing armor during a breathing period right after a conflict, without needing to appeal to grinders or having to go to any specific place.

Besides that, I have 10 red-colored empty shulkers labeled "Raiding Rucksack" that I fill with loot from mining \ exploring \ raiding

Just floating around in ender chest are usually a fortune III pick, a couple of pair of elytras, and a stack of diamonds for any spontaneous trades, anvil repairs etc. I like to keep some ender chest slots free for quicker access than going through shulkers if need be.

If you got through this, thanks for reading this post turned essay. What are your own tips of key bindings \ inventory and ender management that work for you? I hope to learn something new




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Here's the condensed version:

- binding hot bar keys to those near your movement keys is good
- shulkers boxes are useful
- always carry pearls anywhere, fire resistance in nether


I use the keys: R, T, F, and G for numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9 respectively. My chat is on Y. This makes it more accessible for my left index finger to access those far reaching keys.


My R toggles perspective.


My R /suicides.


My R /suicides.

Macros are a no-no fyi


My R /suicides.

Macros are a no-no fyi



I have two setups, mouse and track point(the red dot on thinkpads), the mouse position is standard, but with track point I rest my pointer between ghb, and middle, ring and pinky on u,i, and o, just within reach of the numbers 7890, I use 0 as slot 9 and so on, it’s weird but it works.
P.S. is it just me who does not use a mouse?


Mr T,
I liked this alot! Really Nice to give advices to others and present What works for you!!
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