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I've brought this up before, and probably nothing will change, but still, this is getting worse every server.

People are deliberately trying to hurt the server by claiming around spawn, and then logging in once every 2 weeks.

For example, just about the whole north side, 4 claims deep, is taken by groups like "SuckItMojang", "StolenClaim", and "Martale".

I went around spawn, looking at all claims up to 4 chunks in (so 4 x 16 x 4 = 256 in total), and found that about 80% is taken by players who have played less than 1 hour (in almost 6 months of SS VI) and mined & built nothing.

Maybe something can be changed so claims expire more quickly if someone doesn't play?


This is a list of most groups like this:

DeezNutz, BlackSalami_8ooD, 47 minutes

I_AM_JUSTICE, FiatJustitia (Latin for "let justice be done" ), 33 minutes

SuckItMojang, F_U_Mojang, 50 minutes

StolenClaim, _Avoidant_, 41 minutes

U_R_Sheep, PanemEtCircenses (Latin for "bread and circuses" / "bread and games" ), 21 minutes

NOTHING, ExNihiloNihilFit (Latin for "from nothing comes nothing" (?)), 29 minutes

fuck, Waste_of_Money, 32 minutes

squeaker, ChickenJockey, 1 hour 39 minutes

Simba, Simba_Vl, 3 hours 47 minutes

Martale, Valetudinarian, 30 minutes

Paloma, PD, 46 minutes

LIFE, DumSpiroSpero, 1 hour 29 minutes

TheRapeTrain, NeighborDisorder, 31 minutes

JezzasBoobs, WormiestTyrant, 49 minutes

Dudleyboys, WormyTyrant, 41 minutes

Blah, Waffen_SS, 37 minutes

(and yes PD, I know that you at least play, and give away/sell claims)
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lots of people with BIG plans huh


I don't understand what's the big deal with spawn claims anyway?

Isn't having one near spawn just as good?


I do agree in general.
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lightpaths: any explosions of creepers \ tnt that are calculated by the game to affect any blocks in neutral zone, end up basically ignored by the server. What this means is that you can have a base with a non-obby wall facing neutral and any blocks in your own claim are effectively protected by their proximity to neutral blocks.

also, I agree with Hagar. Possible improvements:

- destroy any groups with less than 10 hours of gameplay 1 month from their creation
- only increase weekly lands for a group if their group members have played a certain amount that week (somewhere between 3-5 hours). This would at least curtail how much land alts can hold.
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Here's an idea to make land limits more 'realistic':

Make land limit growth related to the rank (playtime) of group leader!

A new claim each week the group exists, is only added when these conditions hold:
* rank of group leader are 'below' X

To prevent group hopping, the batch/cron/scheduler job need to simplified/synchronized: only run at a fixed time in the week, e.g. saturday afternoon

When rank of group leader are 'above' Y, deduct one claim, if not all claims are used up to a minmum of Z (e.g. Z=5)

Should be relative easy to implement/code.

Suggestions for X and Y?
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I like Tares42's idea. A lack of activity should lead to either no growth in claims, or a reduction below a certain play threshold per week, right down to a low point of 1. Claims are lost in order of most recent to oldest. When the 'claim power' as we may as well call it drops below the threshold to keep the current number of spawnclaims, they are lost one by one. Anybody with less than 5 claim power is unable to claim any spawnclaims. Simple enough, really.

Or better still, in addition to the 14 day group limit, add a randomised point between 7 and 14 days in which claims are removed following inactivity, to stop people conveniently logging on after 13 days and 23 hours.

And I say that as an alt owner.

It's wank that people can claim spawnclaims and then leave them untouched, sometimes for the whole life of a server. Makes the whole place look amateur to new players, yknow? You want a well-defined main spawn area to leave a good impression. After all, this server relies on donations - new players are it's lifeblood.
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caring enough to keep 20 alts worth of spawn claims> @PD


"Simba" and "TheRapeTrain" expired recently,
but their claims were grabbed by other alts :-|

("ChargedCreeper" and "PD" )
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Sometimes i see in chat that an altgroup expired and then i go and claim it
so just remember the names of altgroups
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