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There are MANY things here at SS that are not vanilla and not listed in the main groups guide.

The guide needs to be updated. Here are the first few things I can think of that should be in the new guide.

Players Guide
Standard Survival modifications:

1 hour of safety where your hunger bar is full.
If you hit someone and type /enable pvp, this automatically disables your safety.

If you are in pvp mode when you enter the safe zone, you can still be hit.

If you pvp log 5 times you will auto-die the next time you pvp log.

After 10 minutes of AFK you are logged out.

TNT minecarts are disabled

Some slime/sticky piston functions are disabled (could use some more explanation)

Nether roof is a death trap. No items can be placed, you can only suicide.

Mobs despawn if you have too many 30+ in one chunk.

Mobs spawn rate is decreased in general.

In the End, Endermen don't really give pearls except at the main end island.

Land cannot be claimed in the End.

Withers cannot be spawned except in the end.

Claims can be glitched into.

Lava buckets are disabled except for donators.

Frost walker does not work in claimed land

The 2 blocks directly in front of a portal can be broken even in claimed land

Adult animals are laggy when on a lead or following food. Baby animals are not laggy.

When seeing stone, a pattern of exciting ores, TNT and other odd things, please know that this is a x-ray stopping glitch. They are fake.

Claims beside spawn cost 5 claims each.

/G show claims
Show all cords (X,Y) of the chunks that your group has.  Multiply the numbers by 16. (They are chunk numbers.)

There is a rubber band effect that happens when flying with elitra.(which means you may come to a full stop or even lagged backwards when flying fast)

Typing too fast in game chat can get you muted automatically.

What else? Let's all help the server out so all he has to do is copy and paste info into his website.

(Check page 2 for a /g map guide.)
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This is great lightpaths. I hope it gets pinned. There is a lot of good info here.


I have some things to add as well


Slime blocks cannot be pushed by pistons. This is both to prevent certain raiding techniques, and to prevent things like flying machines creating lag on the server.

As with most servers, "server lag" breaks a lot of systems that work fine in single player. You will need to add repeaters as the delay will offset the lag. Also for designs that already use repeaters, further delay will be needed.

Dontator or not, you cannot fire lava from dispensers.

Anti-fly/rubber band:
Rubber banding is the effect of teleporting you backwards, like trying to run when attached to a giant rubber band. It happens for many reasons, lag can be one of them (if the server/your internet connection is poor, your fingers may be moving you forward but the server itself doesn't recognize this, so it will keep trying to correct your position)
A particularly frustrating thing about this server is just how well the anti-fly works. It's used to stop hacks which allow players to fly without wings, but it's built horribly. An example is riding a horse up stairs will "rubber band" (teleport you backwards) constantly. Another example is sometimes you can be kicked from the server for 'flying' when riding a cart.

/g help
Love /g help
Care for /g help
Treat /g help like your own child.
There is also /g help 2, /g help 3, /g help 4

Group locks:
Here is a link to a forum all about group locks on blocks, it's very informative main thing is locked blocks are basically invincible

You cannot place boats in the nether. the boat-packed-ice highways cause too much lag.

Nether gold farms:
Pigmen only drop gold in the Nether.
Unlike single player or servers that allow it, pigmen do not remain infinitely aggro and rarely spawn new pigmen. You will have to do it in "waves" i.e aggro pigmen, farm the wave, move away and come back (even going to your loot/xp and back) and repeat. You cannot just stay there

AFK/AFK Farms:
AFK farms are allowed, however, you will be tagged as "AFK" when idle for 5 minutes, and kicked from the session after 10. Right clicking levers, staying in a cart, using water streams.. none of those will work here.

The End:
Withers can only be spawned in The End.
The End is suppose to reset a short while after a dragon kill, but it seems this year (2017) The End won't reset.
The dragon drops a dragon egg as per usual, but the egg cannot be hatched - it's just for decoration.

Do not go to nether roof. It's accessible, but no blocks of any kind can be placed there, meaning there's also no way out. Only way is suicide.

Again, mob rates are (severely) decreased.
Here is a forum explaining some basic Mob Spawn Facts, answered by our own Moderator, Persephinie

That's all I have for now, I hope if you're new and reading this, you won't have to find these things out the hard way all that out the way, I'm in love with this server! I'll post more info if I think of anything

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Oh! And Pigmen do not drop anything in the overworld. They do still drop in the nether.



do you mean /g help <1, 2, 3, 4> ? i think you put /g info by mistake



do you mean /g help <1, 2, 3, 4> ? i think you put /g info by mistake

I do indeed, thanks a lot Furry! Quite embarrassing

Edit: edited
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endermen don't give pearls very much other than on the main island* Not eyes.
If you PVP* log 5 times you autodie on your next Pvp log. Not normal logs.


Good catch! I corrected the post as you noted the errors. Thanks for being helpful.
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ty this is helpful


Make this a sticky thread?


Making it sticky would be nice. That would help a lot of people.


Edited original post

Can we get this stickied?


Correction: players who have PvP protection on do NOT automatically enter PvP mode when they hit someone, they simply get a message saying they cannot PvP. They have to manually type /enablepvp to disable their protection during the first hour.

Additional suggestion: Add all this info into a in-game written book and give copies to people who are just joining the server, could include info on the website and the forum post on the first page of the book.
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^^ highly agree with this one thing though, I've edited my post several times since posting it, because I keep thinking of more information that could be helpful. So maybe a forum is a good place to keep this since it's more flexible.

Also, players who are dedicated to this server will eventually find their way to the forums, whereas most.. 'temporary' players simply join the server and quit soon after


Thanks for the corrections and other info! I remember when I first started here and had to learn the hard way about most of this.


Thanks for the corrections and other info! I remember when I first started here and had to learn the hard way about most of this.

Yeah me too, the most annoying for me by a LONG way was the removal of slime blocks' abilities. But then again, it forces you to be creative and do things the old school way


Question - does the dragon still leave an egg when killed on this server? I'll add the answer to my original post

- if the answer is yes, what happened to the last egg?


Ender pearls ?( Is this correct?)
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no lightpaths it just wont throw if the block you are throwing it at is too close


and yes ava the egg spawns, not sure where it went to
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