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I am so lazy that I don't want to mine down Thrace's base. So I am auctioning it at a starting bid of 9 stacks of obby per chunk. Keep in mind that each chunk has around 1 shulker of obby. I am going to auction off each chunk individually. I will start with the right-most chunk and move to the left. You can also chose to buy all 4 chunks for 1 dub of obby without bidding. Happy Bidding! (Put your bid for the RIGHT-MOST chunk bellow)
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offering one Golden Sword and a slime block


Right-most claim has been sold. Bids for the claim next to it begin now.




The claim has been reserved. 2 more claims for sale.


How much obby would you say is in the other 2?


Note that Hugh probably wants to buy at least the eastmost claim.

Still, you could be neighbours with 2 claims each.

Crezy: who bought the 2nd claim?

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All claims have been bought.

And Hagar, Supercraft reserved the left-most claim.

Jezza reserved the middle 2 claims.
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