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Hagar and Mos have flown a bunch of maps around the main spawn and wilds. This currently connects the various areas (Wild 2 at top right, Wild 3 at bottom right, Wild 4 at bottom left largely unexplored, Wild 1 at top left) and at its widest explored band the map is about 26k across. I had to piece this together from over 60 mostly unlabeled (maybe about < 10 were labeled based on a coordinate grid system) that Hagar handed me, was quite a bit of a puzzle. I hope this also shows people the lengths that Hagar will go through to find your coords, if you are anywhere in any of this region, it's likely he has found you and you will be raided!


PS: main spawn is at the top right of the map I'm pointing at, exactly where I was hovering my cursor, forgot to mention that.


Nice collection.


I was just doing the same thing! Without the flying…


I was just doing the same thing! Without the flying…

Any maps you have that we don't?



Any maps you have that we don't?

Not that I can see, but I'm working on a smaller scale for each one (512 x 512) to keep more detail. I'll post it here when it's finished…
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