With SSVI beginning today there will be a great number of new bases that need to be constructed. So would you like your base to be one that stands out from the rest - a base that is not only safe, and functional, but also just as enjoyable to look at? I have done a lot of building in survival, and dedicated a lot of time to studying architectural styles, putting me in a unique position to help in that regard.

  So if you are interested in your base looking its best contact me in this post and I would be happy to help design it with you. I'll need to know the exact size in chunks, whether or not it needs raid-resistance, will be under or above ground, what style you'd like, any particular inspirations (RL buildings or w.e), materials you'd like it to be made from, some screen shots of the exact location so I can get a feeling for the surrounding area, and any other requirements you feel are pertinent.

  If you're looking for an example of some of my work look at the Vindicate Manor post in the Creations section, it shows my personal floor done in a Roman/Rococo style. I also can build in any other preferred historical style including Arabic, Aztec, Asian, Egyptian, Gothic, Greek, Roman, Romanesque, etc.

  Firstly I will do what is called an esquisse aka a preliminary sketch, and post it. If you dig the sketch I will then do the full build in creative and send you the world to copy.

  If there are too many requests I may select individuals via a draw as I can only do about 1 or 2 projects at once. It may take up to a week or more to design per chunk, depending on complexity of design and height (Btw I realise that I may very well receive zero requests, its not that I think highly of myself, I'm just letting people know how it would work in case). Also it would be cool to arrange a donation system via a player or group who could take donations for newbies on my behalf. I may find myself becoming too busy to complete full designs in creative, but in that case I will at least leave anyone requesting assistance with a useful scaled sketch they can elaborate from on their own and gladly consult through the process.

So if you want a kewl base or anything else, make sure to let me know via this post along with all the details, as I can't reply to private messages. I should reply relatively quickly. Have fun, and good luck to you all in SSVI!