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After an attack on our shop, we thought we would fight back against the infamous raider, Hagar. As Hagar doesn't have his own base, we thought we'd hit his pride and joy; all the banners he has collected on his raids throughout SSV.

Thank you White_Walker for the assistance and supplies during this raid, the banners now proudly reside inside the MACVSOG halls for all to come and see and claim back if they so wish.

I hope this offers a small amount of relief to all those raided by Hagar, here are some screenshots of the process.



More on Imgur:


I suppose it is easier to collect banners using your method..

this is my last screenshot of it, I think (with some of the more boring banners replaced):

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Is this what the server has come to, flag wars


Man, this is an intense battle of capture the flag.

(btw hai Simmie) :3


at the very least I now needed to grab Parndo's flags

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