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So pretty much my friend was quitting standard during standard survival one I belive I was in 5th grade. His name is SweatyJohnny and we recently got back into minecraft. Before he quit he advertised a server that wasn't really a ip and got banned for ad. He wanted to start playing on here again. He told me this server and I started playinng it. HE wants to play with me again. The Reason he is not appealing is because he cant do /register in game and does not remember his password from 4 years ago. I think he learned after 4 years and he wants to play again. Please let him. (4 years may not be exact) It is atleast 2 1/2 years. Please unban him he wanst to play with me. Thanks

*Edit* We started at the end of standard survival 2

When he played his username was JohnnyRegal2004
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I remember JohnnyRegal2004, that was not four years ago.


Advertising I'd a pretty cut and dry thing. You do it and you're gone. I don't really care for advertisers at all, so if he wants back on, he needs to appeal in the appeals thread. He should have a forum account according to the link Fabian posted.
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