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Jester is a fucking faggot. I have to buy a new account now and change my IP now, thx a lot you dictator bitch ass mother fucker. Btw I'm not sorry I still think your a complete dick!


Why did you get banned, guy?


You should change you name from Jester to banhappyasshole too, btw your not funny man your a prick and without your power no one would even talk to you. I didn't deserve this bullshit Ban people and keeping them banned just cause they don't like you is really fucked up. Also when i said Jester is a faggot I meant no disrespect against homosexuals I was talking strictly about Jester.
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Rating: Bad i was neutral forever glad to see i can leave with at at least that^^


I take back everything I said to Jester to defend you. Goodbye, sir.
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